The Happy.Healthy.Whole Project

Hi there, I’m Clarissa, the face behind the Adventure Fit For Life blog, and the Happy.Healthy.Whole Project (HHWP).

I would love to tell you about the Happy.Healthy.Whole Project that I am working on, and officially invite you to join me on my quest!

What is The Happy.Healthy.Whole Project?

The HHWP is my own quest for personal growth, self discovery, and overall well-being.

I have based my project on Gretchen Rubin’s book The Happiness Project: Or, Why I Spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning, Clean My Closets, Fight Right, Read Aristotle, and Generally Have More Fun.

Gretchen’s original Happiness Project was a year long journey in which she tried to improve the amount of happiness she experienced in life by improving her daily behaviors, thought patterns, and habits. In this project – she was able to increase her overall life satisfaction without making any significant changes to her life.

I have made quite a few changes in my own project, the biggest of which is focusing on more than just happiness. The equation that I came up with for what I hope to accomplish through my project, is as follows:

Happy (Pleasure + Purpose) + Healthy (Mind + Body) = Whole

From this equation, comes the name, The Happy.Healthy.Whole Project.

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How To Follow My Happy.Healthy.Whole Project

If you want to follow along with my HHWP, or maybe even do your own, you can do that right here. I will be updating this page with all of my new HHWP posts which will follow my own project, and give you direction on how to start your own if you would like!


As part of my October HHWP goals, I decided to do a daily blogging challenge from October 5th, to my birthday on October 30th! You can find my daily posts for this challenge, below.

woman jumping for joy

Day 1: The Happiness Project: Book Review (+ Special Announcement!)

Have you read The Happiness Project yet? Check it out if you’d like to learn how to become happier in your own life! What have you got to lose?

Me hiking in Chiricahua national park

Day 2: Making The Happiness Project My Own & What I Hope To Achieve

In today’s post, I will discuss what I liked about the original Happiness Project, what I’d like to change about it, and how I plan to adapt it to make it my own!

2 people on a bike living life to the fullest

Day 3: 7 Tips To Live Life To The Fullest Right Now So You Don’t Regret It Later

No one wants regrets about things they never got to experience in life. Follow these 7 tips to avoid regrets later by living life to the fullest right now!

Happy woman thinking and asking questions

Day 4: What Is Happiness Anyway? 6 Happiness Theories Compared

People usually know what things make them happy, but when confronted with the question, “What is happiness?” they often flounder. So let’s look at the science.

Looking out over the grand canyon

Day 5: My Happiness Mind Map: Figuring Out What Happiness Means To ME

After reviewing the happiness research, I have figured out what happiness means to me with the help of a mind map. Check out my happiness equation!

backpacking the Grand Canyon

Day 6: My Epiphany: How I Completely Changed My View Of Happiness

6-7 years ago I had a happiness epiphany. I totally and completely changed the way I viewed happiness, and changed my life because of it. Find out how I did it!

rules on the chalkboard

Day 7: The 10 Commandments Of My Happy.Healthy.Whole Project

The Bible’s 10 commandments give us guidance on ethics and worship. Today, I write the commandments that will help guide my behavior during my happiness project.

October goals with pumpkins

Day 8: Break-Down of October Goals For My Happy.Healthy.Whole Project

My Happy.Healthy.Whole Project is well underway! Check out which goals I will be tackling in the first month of my project here.

what is my purpose in life?

Day 9: How To Find Your Purpose In Life With The Concept Of Ikigai (+ Free Worksheet!)

Have you found your purpose in life yet? If not, check out this simple 4-step method to discover your passions and calling using the Japanese concept of Ikigai!

How happy are you? take a happiness test and find out!

Day 10: How Happy Are You? Find Out With These Free Happiness Tests!

How happy are you? If you are curious about what modern psychology has to say on the topic, check out one of these quick, fun, and free happiness tests!

Make a list of your core values to become happier

Day 11: How Making A List Of Your Core Values Can Make You Happier

Did you know that living up to your core values is a huge part of happiness? What are your core values – the qualities that are most important to you? Find out!

Love you for you

Day 12: The Integrity Report: A Big First Step To Loving You For YOU

To love yourself for who you are as a person, you must live with integrity. Check out this post to learn how to write your own personal Integrity Report!


Day 13: How To Easily Assess Work-Life Balance With The Wheel Of Life

Do you have work-life balance? For a happy life, all 8 areas of life need to be balanced. Take the Wheel Of Life Assessment to see which areas you can improve!

contemplating your life purpose or calling

Day 14: Life Purpose vs. Calling: What Is The Role Of Work In Life?

Did you know? Referring to your work as a life purpose vs. calling can make a difference in the way you think about the role work plays in your life. Learn how!

reading outside while laying in the grass

Day 15: 35 Tough Life Lessons That Ultimately Increased My Happiness

Learning life lessons is hard but necessary to make you a stronger and happier person in the long run. See if you can learn any of my lessons the easy way!

Happiness and age

Day 16: How Does Age Affect Our Happiness Levels? A Research Review

Does happiness change with age? Are there certain stages of life that are happier than others? Learn what the research has to say about happiness and age!

Happiness potential achieved!

Day 17: How To Hit Your Happiness Potential (& Why Most Fall Short)
Most people fail to live up to their happiness potential for one reason or another. Don’t make the same mistake – learn how to achieve your maximum happiness!

Woman happy to be eating a hamburger

Day 18: Why Healthy Habits Are So Dang Hard To Adopt (And Stick To)!

Adopting new healthy habits is hard and can sometimes feel impossible (even though we know it isn’t). Why are new habits so dang hard to stick to? Find out!

Man and woman having fun while exercising

Day 19: How To Eat Healthier, Exercise More & Still Enjoy Your Life!
Do you want to adopt healthier habits but feel deprived and miserable when you try? Learn how to enjoy healthy habits in the present so you can stick to them!

haunted by bad habits? Quit for good with this 4-step plan

Day 20: Haunted By Bad Habits? Quit For Good With This 4-Step Plan!

Do you feel haunted by your bad habits? They can be tough to break. Learn a simple and proven four-step process to rid yourself of your bad habits for good!

update, progress report

Day 21: Progress Report: Did I Obey My 10 Commandments In October?
At the start of my project, I wrote my own 10 commandments – rules I wanted to guide my behavior and help me achieve my goals. Did they help? Let’s find out!

Happiness quotes cover photo

Day 22: 11 Happiness Quotes That Offer Priceless Wisdom & Truth
Who doesn’t love a good quote?! Here are 11 happiness quotes that will make you stop and think about the true meaning of happiness, and how YOU can achieve it.

what is your personality type?

Day 23: Is the 16 Personalities Test A Useful Self Discovery Tool?
Is the 16 personalities test useful for self discovery? See what I learned about myself from the test and my final judgement about it as a self discovery tool.

compass for finding my calling

Day 24: How I Went From Totally Lost To Finding My Calling In 1 Month
Have you ever wondered how to find your calling in life? Find out the exact process that I went through to find a new career path in less than a month!

things that make me happy - horseback riding with mom

Day 25: 100 Things That Make Me Truly Happy: Now And In The Long Run
Do you know what makes you truly and genuinely happy? Check out the things that make me happy, and then accept my challenge to write your own happiness list!

October happy.healthy.whole goal update

Day 26: October Happy.Healthy.Whole Goal Update: Moment Of Truth!
The first month of my Happy.Healthy.Whole Project has been both challenging and informative. See whether or not I was able to meet my October project goals!


November goals with fall leaf background.

Update: My November Goals For The Happy.Healthy.Whole Project

Month 2 of my Happy.Healthy.Whole Project is officially here! Check out what I’m working on this month – you never know, it might just inspire your own project!


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Mid-November HHWP Goal Update

Mid-November HHWP Update (+6 Ways To Get Goals Back On Track)
It’s time for my mid-month update on my Happy.Healthy.Whole Project. See how I did, and get 6 tips for how to get your goals back on track after a rough patch.


November review & new goals for december

My HHWP Update: November Review & New Goals for December
The beginning of November was a bit bumpy. See how I course-corrected to end November strong, and check out my new Happy.Healthy.Whole goals for December!

That’s it for now! Check back periodically for updates on my Happy.Healthy.Whole Project throughout the month of December!

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Why Do A Happy.Healthy.Whole Project?

You might be wondering,  “Why does Clarissa need to do a HHWP, is it because she’s terribly unhappy, unhealthy, and broken?”

But no, it’s not that at all. The reason that I have set out on the quest that is the HHWP, is that I believe both health and happiness are habits. In other words, health and happiness are things that we must constantly and actively work towards if we want to have any hope of achieving them.

I’d be willing to bet that at some point in the past (or maybe even right now), you have been so caught up and overwhelmed by what is going on in your life that your health, happiness, or both have fallen to the wayside. Am I right?

That is why I have chosen to do this project, and to share it with all of you. So that I can live life to the fullest right now so that it doesn’t pass me by. And so that I can help inspire you to do the same!

Share the knowledge!