October happy.healthy.whole goal update

October Happy.Healthy.Whole Goal Update: Moment Of Truth!

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Welcome back for day 26 of my Happy.Healthy.Whole Project (HHWP)! As of today, I have officially finished my self-imposed blogging challenge of blogging every day straight from October 5 until today, October 30th, which just so happens to be my 35th birthday!

If you’re just joining me and wondering what this whole HHWP is about, or if you’ve been following along and have a few days you’d like to catch up on, check out my HHWP page!

At the beginning of October, the official start of my HHWP, I decided on 5 areas of my life that I wanted to work on. They were:

  • Improve Physical Health
  • Achieve Life Balance
  • Find My Calling
  • Build Keystone Habits
  • Strengthen Relationships

Check out this post to see the goals I made at the beginning of October. Today we will dive into each of the 5 categories listed above, and the goals I set in each of those categories, to evaluate how my project is going so far!

October Goal Update

Now, without further ado, let’s see how I did on my first month of HHWP goals, category by category.

Improve Physical Health

For those of you that have not been following along with my HHWP, I injured my shoulder at work and had to have surgery on it, so one of my major goals for this project is to get my shoulder functioning well again so that I can get cleared to return to work, and get back to my favorite hobbies, especially outrigger canoe paddling!

The goals I set In this category for rehabbing my shoulder in the month of October were:

  1. Go to physical therapy for my shoulder twice a week.
  2. Do my home exercises for physical therapy four times per week.
  3. Do some sort of cardiovascular exercise at least three times per week.

So how did I do with my health goals this month? Pretty good I think! I was able to make all of my physical therapy appointments and did my exercises at home. I even met my cardiovascular exercise goal for the month!

Despite managing to stick to my goals in this category, there were a few bumps I had to navigate this month!

Treadmill Troubles

First, my treadmill, which I had been using to do my cardiovascular exercise broke. It turns out that the surface that you walk on (the one that goes around and around) had gotten off track, stretching it out so that it would no longer turn properly.

So, living on the small island of Kauai, of course we didn’t have a repair shop to take it to or get parts from, so I had to order supplies from the mainland and fix it myself. I am not particularly handy, but I was (with a lot of help from my partner) able to get it fixed! While waiting for the parts, I was able to use a small arm ergometer or go for a walk in the evening to get my cardio exercise.

My Wrist

The second, and larger problem that I ran into this month though, had to do with my wrist. After the fall I had taken at work that injured my shoulder, my wrist on the same arm was also feeling a little cranky and stiff. My physical therapist was keeping an eye on it, but it had mostly just been a little uncomfortable as opposed to painful thus far.

Then at my appointment in late September, my surgeon cleared me to start taking short paddles on my canoe – I was so beyond excited! But after my first outing on October 5th of only 20 minutes of very slow paddling in the harbor, my wrist became super painful, so I went back to see my orthopedic doctor about it.

The good news is that he is hopeful that it is just a partial tear, which apparently can take a notoriously long time to heal in wrists. So on October 29th, I got a steroid injection into the wrist joint. 

My doctor said one of two things could happen with the injection. One, it could be enough to calm the wrist down and help me turn the corner on those issues, in which case the pain would not return. Or two, the pain could return in about two weeks when the steroids wear off, in which case I would need to see the hand specialist.

So, cross your fingers for me that the injection works!

Achieve Life Balance

The goals I set In this category for the month of October were:

  1. Complete the wheel of life activity to see which parts of my life are lacking balance.
  2. Take time to reflect on what role I believe that work should play in my life.

I was able to cross both of these goals off of my October list!

After completing the wheel of life activity, it was clear that a number of things were a bit out of whack for me. 

Due to my injury, the career and health parts of my life scored low. That is for pretty obvious reasons. 

But I wanted to think about how my life balance was while I was working at my previous job, before the injury. When I thought of it that way, I found that two areas of my life were really suffering – that was my relationships (especially time with family) and also fun and recreation.

Now that I know this is the case, I will try to work toward correcting this in my November goals.

After taking time to reflect on what role I’d like work to play in my life, I decided more balance was necessary, and that I didn’t believe that work was my one and only purpose here on earth. There are a lot of other meaningful things I’d like to accomplish with my life outside of work as well.

Find My Calling

The goals I set In this category for the month of October were:

  1. Complete the ikigai activity.
  2. Read the book, Finding Your Element: How to Discover Your Talents and Passions and Transform Your Life by Ken Robinson.
  3. Blog every single day (26 days straight) from October 5th, to October 30th.

So did I meet these goals? Yep! Check, check, check.

Why I Decided To Blog for 26 Days Straight

As of today, I have now officially posted my 26th post in a row! Each of them were at least 1,200 words, but most were longer. There were two main reasons that I decided to challenge myself to write 26 posts in 26 days.

First, I recognized that my blogging process was still pretty inefficient, it was taking me way longer to do things than it should.

Second, I had a feeling that this blog might somehow be part of my calling. And I knew that creating more content on my site could only help build my following and increase the credibility of my site.

What I Learned From Blogging For 26 Days Straight

Prior to challenging myself with this task, I was struggling to post consistently on my blog even twice a week, although I didn’t have a lot of other commitments on my time.

It wasn’t for lack of inspiration that I was struggling with consistency, but instead trouble with:

  1. Getting my thoughts out in a way that would make sense to anyone else.
  2. My nagging perfectionism and imposter syndrome.

To see how I addressed point number one here, take a look at the next section – “Build Keystone Habits.”

As far as the second point, I reminded myself of my 10 commandments especially, “progress not perfection” and “start before you’re ready”.

This helped me decide to take the plunge and challenge myself – a trial by fire if you will. And, guess what? It worked!

Within the first week, I realized that I really could produce a good quality blog post per day! It wasn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination, but I could do it!

Which was exactly the proof I needed that my struggle with consistency, was indeed a mental block – something in my mindset that was holding me back.

So now I know I can do it which gives me a lot more confidence going forward. After today, I will still continue with my HHWP and update you guys about it regularly, but I will be dialing back my posting schedule to a consistent two posts a week, and if I feel like it, I may add in a third here and there just for fun.

After this challenge, 2-3 posts a week will seem like a walk in the park! And I can spend my extra time developing my holiday content.  New Years is resolution season and such an important time for my niche!

Deciding On My Calling

After completing the Ikigai activity and reading the book, Finding Your Element, I came to some big (and exciting!) decisions about my calling and a new career path for myself which I wrote about the other day – check it out here!

Basically, I plan to monetize my blog, and to pursue health coaching as a career! More about that on November 1st when I announce my new goals for my HHWP.

Build Keystone Habits

The goals I set In this category for the month of October were:

  1. Set up Canva Pro to make producing blog graphics and pins more quickly.
  2. Make a blogging template so that I can write blog posts more efficiently.
  3. Figure out to use Tailwind to schedule pins for Pinterest.

[Related: 10 Keystone Habits For A Healthy, Happy & Successful Life]

My October goals for my building keystone habits category, were all about building systems into my blogging tasks. The purpose for this was to work more efficiently so that I could be more consistent in my content creation.

As I mentioned above, part of my consistency problem was that all of my thoughts were coming out jumbled and it was taking me forever to get them organized in a way that anyone but me would understand. 

To remedy this, I made myself a blog template that has really helped me gain a little more clarity and direction before I start writing. 

I believe that this template, as well as good old fashioned practice, practice, practice, has made my writing process much more efficient (and less frustrating and painful for me!).

The first and third goal in this category had to do with setting up systems for promoting my blog, specifically on Pinterest since that is still a brand new platform for my blog.

These systems have without a doubt, helped me speed up my pin making process and pinning. I’ve still got a long way to go when it comes to mastering Pinterest, but I’m definitely moving in the right direction!

By the way, are you following me on Pinterest yet? If not, check it out, I’ll follow back!

Strengthen Relationships

The goals I set In this category for the month of October were simple:

  1. To start a habit of reaching to my parents, siblings, and best friend once per week.

This goal was probably where I struggled the most out of my October goals.

I absolutely got in touch with my family and best friend more than usual this month, which was fantastic! Though I didn’t get a hold of everyone every week.

Also, some of them seemed a little suspicious about all the extra contact – they asked if I was doing okay and if I was super bored – a sign of my inconsistent communication habits in the past I suppose. 

I actually think I might change this goal a bit for next month. Maybe I can alternate family members on different weeks to make it a little more manageable. This way I can schedule things out and be more consistent. 

For example, maybe:

  • Dad, brother, and best friend weeks 1&3
  • Mom and sister, weeks 2 &4.

One pleasant side effect of my reaching out more, is that I started seeing my family members make more of an effort to reach out to me as well! As a family we have all been not great at keeping in touch regularly.


Overall, I would say that the first month of my Happy.Healthy.Whole project was a fantastic success!

The things that I am most proud about are finding a new calling for myself, and successfully overcoming some of my barriers to blogging during my self-imposed 26-day blogging challenge!

I am definitely feeling like I already have more clarity and excitement in my life since I started this project, and I absolutely can’t wait to tell you what I’ve got in store for my HHWP in the month of November.

Stay tuned for those new goals on November 1st and a huge thank you to everyone that has been following my project this first month.

You guys are such a fantastic inspiration to me, and you also serve as a type of accountability system since I know you’re watching. 🙂

Have a happy and safe Halloween, and I’ll be back on the first with those new goals.


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Author: clarissa.cabbage

Clarissa is a teacher, a coach, and an avid adventurer! Armed with a master's degree in Exercise and Wellness, she is on a mission to teach people how to build healthier habits that support the adventurous lifestyle of their dreams. There is nothing Clarissa is more passionate about than helping people get active and live their lives to the fullest!

20 Replies to “October Happy.Healthy.Whole Goal Update: Moment Of Truth!

  1. I love the small ways in which you achieved your goals and centered yourself; that is no easy task but your dedication inspires me. I look forward to seeing you continue on your path and seeing your new goals for next month! 🙂

  2. What an inspiring post! I love all these awesome goals and the way you achieved them. Excited to see what else you want to work on because a lot of these I want to work on in my life as well! Thanks for sharing.

    1. That’s fantastic Amanda! I am so glad to hear that you were inspired by my goals and that you can relate to some of these things that I am working on! I hope that seeing my journey will help give you some of the tools you need to make your own. Thanks so much for following along!

  3. Happy birthday! 😊 congratz on blogging for so many days straight! You’ve inspired me to do a blogging challenge too 😄 I really hope your wrist heals fully and you get closer to finding your beautiful purpose in life!

    1. Thank you so much Diamond! I had a great, but low key birthday. It was perfect.

      The blogging challenge was tough as I expected, but I am so glad that I decided to do it. I learned so much! I would definitely encourage you to do your own if you are interested in that!

      Thank you for all the well wishes and for following along! ☺️

  4. Congrats in crushing all your goals! I enjoyed reading your post as you worked towards holistic happiness. Thanks so much for this. Believe it or not, it was perfect time for me since I have been battling with some strong emotions since my father’s stroke and now my uncle’s death 😫.

    1. Awwww I’m so sorry to hear about your father and uncle Rebekah. These are such tough times already without any of that piled on. I’m glad this project has helped a little but I wish there was more that I could do. ❤️ Sending lots of thoughts and prayers that way for you and your family.

  5. Hi 👋 Clarissa!!!!
    Loved your post, it inspired me to read all of your journey this month! I do find myself on a crossroad right now and do need to figure out how to balance my life.

    1. That makes my day Mary! I am glad that I could inspire you in such a way! I think with all that is happening in the world right now, there are an awful lot of people at crossroads in their life as we are. I hope you’ll enjoy my November goals just as much.

      Thanks so much for reading, and best of luck on your own journey!

    1. Thank you Lisa! I was really pleased about how the first month of my project went! Especially in regards to finding my calling. Big things planned for November as well. Thanks so much for following along!

  6. Wow – You’ve set out and achieved some great goals for October, Well Done! I’ve always set goals for myself, whether to plan a trip, improve my blog, or achieving a work related goal. It’s so rewarding when you do reach those goals and more! Great Post! 🙂

    1. Thank you Robert! I felt like I accomplished a lot in just my first month and am really enjoying the project and looking forward to what it will bring!

      I definitely am a big goals person as well. Thanks so much for stopping by and giving this a read!

  7. You have some great goals here – I love that, in terms of blogging, you focused on productivity and cutting down on the time required to complete your work. This opens up your time to prioritize other important things that you’ve listed here, which is so important! That time factor has been a big focus of mine recently as well.

    1. That’s awesome Britt! I’m a big systems person. I love to figure out the most efficient ways to do things (that’s a little strange, isn’t it?). However, when I’m first learning something like all the ins and outs of blogging and promotion etc. It does take me some time to get them worked out. I hope that by building those systems I can achieve a little more life balance as you mentioned. I’ll put that idea to the test this month.

  8. Happy Birthday, Clarissa! You’ve done very well with your Happy Healthy Whole Project, and I’ve enjoyed following along as you shared your progress. I joined Blogtober for some of the same reasons, to increase my blogging output. Although I wasn’t as successful as you, I did dramatically increase my output, so I’m happy. I like your ideas for building keystone habits and using blogging templates. Blogging is a very slow process for me, but I do enjoy it.

    1. Thanks so much Kathy! It was a low key, but very good birthday.

      I am glad that you found the blogtober challenge to be as helpful as I did. It’s no easy feat that’s for sure! I am a pretty slow blogger as well, but I am noticing my processes (especially organizing my thoughts) are becoming quicker the more I practice.

      Thanks so much for reading! I wonder, do you plan on doing blogmas?

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