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7 Tips To Live Life To The Fullest Now So You Don’t Regret It Later

Hello everyone, I’ve got a very special post lined up for you today! It is my very first collaboration-style post. I have asked some of my favorite bloggers from all over the world and from all different walks of life to contribute to it and they have been kind enough to offer us their own unique perspectives on how to live life to the fullest.

This post was inspired by the following quote: 

“Concentrating on the present is the best medicine to prevent the future being full of regrets about the past.” 

~ Hector Garcia

Check out the amazing wisdom they came up with! Oh, and if you like their tips, don’t forget to visit their blogs for even more insight, inspiration and knowledge!

7 ways to live life to the fullest right now with no regrets
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7 Tips To Live Life To The Fullest Now So You Don’t Regret It Later

Tip #1 From Louise: Be Present And Embrace Every Single Moment

The more days that pass, the more I’m convinced that the meaning of life is simply to be present and embrace every single ordinary moment. 

When I feel like I’m getting overwhelmed or perhaps mindlessly going through my days, I give myself a swift kick in the pants and remember that life isn’t about the big things. 

It’s about living in the nooks and crannies of every single moment.

It’s about enjoying the mundane and savoring the daily momentum that makes us human. 

It’s about carrying out your routines and daily must do’s with gratitude and with purpose. And, it’s about finding passion and joy in just being present in the moment. 

Because some day, you’ll look back and it’ll be abundantly clear to you that it was those little things that make up a good life. It’s the simple and ordinary things that make our lives extraordinary. 

Louise is a New Zealand based business blogger. She loves helping other entrepreneurs reach their goals in life and in business.

Check out her blog at onlinebusinessgrowthhacks.com!

Tip #2 From Ellie: Take Responsibility And Hold Yourself Accountable For The Life You Want To Live

My best tip for living life to the fullest is to take responsibility and hold yourself accountable for your own life. Nobody else is responsible for what path you take. Only you can set your path and follow it. 

Too often we talk a lot about what we want to do. ‘I’d love to go there’ or ‘I’d love to do that’! But unfortunately down the line comes, ‘I wish I’d gone there’ or ‘I wish I did that’. 

A few years ago I began really living my life the way I wanted to. How did I do it? I wrote a bucket list, which is now up on the internet for all to see! It’s a physical list that I can see every day and I tick things off as soon as I carry out something on the list. 

I challenge you to write your own list today. Write down things you enjoy doing, things that make you happy and things that you want to achieve. They don’t have to be huge things like climbing a mountain, just whatever will help you live your life to the fullest. 

Life is short and the only way to ensure that you don’t regret something in the future is to take action and live in the present. 

Ellie is a UAE based Travel & Adventure blogger who writes about her bucket list adventures and inspires people to create and achieve their bucket list dreams.

Check out her blog at tickingthelist.com!

Tip #3 From Izzy: Forget Perfect And Take Messy, Imperfect Action

“Done is better than perfect” – Sheryl Sandberg

That quote is one of my favourite life mottos and mantras. In order for me to achieve my dreams and goals, I need to stop being a perfectionist and focus instead on taking messy, imperfect action. Small progress is better than no progress. Oftentimes, it’s our fears and doubts that hold us back from going after that big dream we have. It’s never too late to start working towards your dream life whether that’s starting a blog or learning a new language. The only right time to start is now.

Izzy Matias is a Southeast Asian-based business & travel blogger who is passionate about entrepreneurship, writing, and music.

Check out her blog at izzymatias.com!

Tip #4 From Rebekah: Stop Letting Limiting Beliefs Hold You Back

Are you someone that has let limiting beliefs hold you back from truly living your life? Don’t feel bad; everyone has them. Limiting beliefs are beliefs that constrain us in some way. It is a state of mind, conviction, or idea that you think to be true. A limiting belief could be about you, how you interact with others, or about how you view the world. The bottom line is that it is holding you back from getting or doing something you want in life.

Here are some examples of limiting beliefs. Do any sound familiar to you?

  1. Fear of success/failure.
  2. Thinking that you are not good enough.
  3. Fear of rejection.
  4. Having negative attributes about being rich/having money: “rich people don’t know anything about struggle.”
  5. Fear of greatness: “I don’t deserve this.”
  6. Fear of being judged.

How to let go of limiting beliefs and start living your best life:

  • Write your negative belief down and say out loud that it is just a fear.
  • Find out what ingrained these limiting beliefs in your mind in the first place.
  • Acknowledge that these beliefs are not true.
  • Start making new positive beliefs and take action on them.
  • Engage in positive self-talk and affirmations.

Rebekah is a New York based wellness enthusiast blogger who is passionate about mental health, child and adolescent development, relationships, wellness, and living life to the fullest!

Check out her blog at at rebekachcharles.com!

Tip #5 From Sam: Subtract The Negatives First

Our time, money, energy, and other important resources are all  finite. It all runs out eventually. That may sound scary initially, but embracing this simple truth gives you the freedom to release everything that doesn’t deserve to take up space in your life. Give yourself permission to let go of items, activities, responsibilities and relationships that only bring you down instead of lifting you up. 

Your life is precious and full of possibilities. Make room for those possibilities by first clearing away the physical and emotional clutter that would drag you down. Take back your time, money, and energy for you. Subtract the negatives first, and you’ll quickly find you have all the space you need for everything that makes you feel happy, inspired, and enthusiastic to live your life to the fullest.

Sam is a California-based personal development blogger who is passionate about constant improvement, getting the most we can out of life, and having as much fun as possible doing it.

Check out his blog at smarterandharderblog.com!

Tip #6 From Shirsha: Dig Deep And Chase Your Big, Wild Dreams

Dig deep and find out what your heart and soul truly desire. And then you should go after those things wholeheartedly. We often hesitate to do this inner work, because we’re afraid of what might come up, and that it might need us to step out of our comfort zone. But really, that’s where the magic (and growth) lies! Chase your big, wild dreams, and have fun while you’re at it.

I guess the key is to have a vision for yourself and your life. Once you know your vision for your life, it’s easier to filter choices & make decisions – big & small – through that lens. Asking yourself “does this support the vision that I have for my life” will take you closer to living the life you truly want! And yes, your vision can totally change over the years, and that’s okay too.

So well, dig deep, articulate your vision for your life, and do everything that you can to work towards making that vision your reality.

Shirsha is an India-based lifestyle blogger who is passionate about personal growth, building habits & routines, and finding joy in the little things.

Check out her blog at thegoodlivingblog.com!

Tip #7 From Katie: Listen To Other People, But Do What You Feel Is Right

My top tip for living life to the fullest now so you don’t regret it later is “listen to other people, but only do what you feel is right”. So many times we’re told to ignore what other people say, or not let it affect us. But sometimes people speak from a place of love, and they honestly mean the best. 

However, while it’s important to listen to people, you don’t always have to act on what they say. I listened to people telling me Physics wasn’t the right university degree for me, but chose to do it anyway because it was what I was interested in. 

By not acting on what they were telling me, I met some incredible people. I made friends with people I would never have met otherwise, and I actually don’t think I’d have been as focused on my blog had I not been studying Physics at uni – it was a chance to completely shut off from my studies! However, I should’ve maybe listened to them saying not to study Physics at university – I dropped out in my penultimate year. 

So that’s an example of listening to people but not acting on it. Do I regret my choice? No. Because I know that without going away for university I would never be in the position I’m in today. 

There are always little things you can regret (eg the wrong course, or spending a lot of money on food and ending up extremely overweight and unhappy) but by not acting on the advice I was given, I learnt more about myself than I ever would’ve had I followed some advice of “stay home and take a year to think about what you want to do”. 

So my advice is listen to what other people think, but only act on what you feel is right for you!

Katie is a Northern Ireland-based lifestyle blogger who is passionate about music, reading, and all things Christmas. 

Check out her blog at https://lifewithktkinnes.com!


No one wants to get to the end of their life and find it filled with regret about things they never got to experience.

The best way to avoid regrets later on down the road, is to make sure that you are living life to the fullest right now!

Recap: How to live life to the fullest now so you don’t regret it later:

  1. Be present and embrace every single moment.
  2. Take responsibility and hold yourself accountable for the life you want to live.
  3. Forget perfect and take messy, imperfect action.
  4. Stop letting limiting beliefs hold you back.
  5. Subtract the negatives first.
  6. Dig deep and chase your big, wild dreams.
  7. Listen to other people, but do what you feel is right.

Thank you so much to all my fellow bloggers who took time out of their very busy lives to provide us with this profound wisdom!

To my readers: I hope you are as inspired as I am by these tips. Don’t wait even another moment – get out there and start living your life to the fullest today!


Avoid regrets with these 7 tips to live life to the fullest!
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44 Replies to “7 Tips To Live Life To The Fullest Now So You Don’t Regret It Later

    1. Yes, it can certainly be difficult and scary to step out of that comfort zone and risk failure, but as they say, it’s usually the things we DON’T do that we regret the most. So in the interest of avoiding regrets – take action!

      Thanks so much for stopping by and adding to the conversation! ☺️

  1. Thank you again for inviting me to be part of this post, Clarissa. I loved learning about what other bloggers had to say about this topic too. They gave such great advice on how we can start living life to the fullest now. Will definitely be keeping their advice in mind and bookmark this post for reference as a reminder! 🙂

    1. Thank you for contributing Izzy! It was such a great first experience for me working with other bloggers! You guys all have such insightful advice, and I am really excited about how all this came together. Thanks again! 😁

  2. Wonderful tips! I think we all can forget sometimes how to be more present myself included and it definitely takes changing yo mind set!

    1. For sure Sara! When things get busy and hectic it can be all too easy to forget to be present. Like anything, it takes practice to slow down and be more mindful. But it’s worth it!

  3. I think the one thing that really stood out to me in this amazing post was ”Listen To Other People, But Do What You Feel Is Right”… This is something I talk about all the time. Never allow the limiting beliefs of others to become our own.

    Brilliant post. Thank you

    1. Awww thank you Tarryn! Katie really hit the nail on the head with that one didn’t she? Fantastic advice, and I definitely agree that we’ve got to make a conscious effort not to adopt the limiting beliefs of others. Often they mean well, but if we let it dictate our lives we’re likely to end up unhappy and unfulfilled.

    1. You and me both Carolina! When I was younger I never thought perfectionism was a bad thing. As I got a little older I realized how wrong I was. Now it’s still something I have to consciously work on pretty much every day.

    1. Absolutely Kelly Diane! Social media, and working online can definitely make it easy to forget about being present. Not impossible, but we just have to be much more purposeful about it. This tip was a great reminder!

  4. I love this post, so much positivity. I am very much of the view that we are here for such a short amount of time that we need to make the absolute most of life x

  5. What a great read to start my day! I am a big fan of “done is better than perfect”. With so many struggling with anxiety, this should be a mantra for anyone! Anxiety and perfectionism are often related. Perfectionism kills so much joy!

    1. Thank you Michelle! I absolutely agree that perfectionism and anxiety are related. Speaking from experience here. I really loved this mantra of, “done is better than perfect” as well and plan to add it to one of my other favorites of, “progress not perfection.” Thanks so much for sharing your insights! ☺️

    1. Absolutely! I think everyone can apply Sam’s tip to their life in one way or another since one of humanity’s most prevalent afflictions seems to be “not having enough time in the day.”

  6. This is a great read! It does take some action to embrace life and let go of those negative thoughts, you really have to learn to live the life you want! Thanks for sharing!

    1. You’re welcome Jodie! That’s great that you were able to focus on the positives rather than the negatives. It’s funny how much difference a little shift in perspective makes isn’t it?

  7. I love this! There is some great advice shared here too. I think it’s the perfect topic to do as a collaboration like this as we have all learned different lessons throughout our lives. Reading through this, there is sure to be something for everyone! I was VERY overwhelmed when everything first started here with the current global situation. It felt like overnight everything changed. I couldn’t teach my music classes anymore, I was stuck at home (I take an immunosuppressant) and everything was unknown. However, changing my mindset made a world of difference. Now, I’m starting to see the benefits to this whole situation (and yes, there are some)!

    1. That’s fantastic Britt! I agree that this whole situation is scary and overwhelming and uncertain. And as a planner, it makes me a little crazy! But I’ve been able to see some of the positives as well.

      And I agree, I was more than pleased with how this post turned out! I made an effort to get people from different parts of the world, and different walks of life, and they really hot it out of the park!

      Thanks for reading and sharing your experiences with us!

  8. This is such a great and well rounded list of ideas. Thank you all for sharing your wisdom. I’m saving this so I can refer to it later because I think these concepts are important, but easily forgotten. Thanks for taking the time to help inspire others! I appreciate you all.

    1. Thank you so much! I definitely agree that in the hustle and bustle of daily life amidst a global pandemic that these things can be easily forgotten. We could all use the reminder I think!

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