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Progress Report: Did I Obey My 10 Commandments In October?

Welcome back to Day 21 Of My Happy.Healthy.Whole Project (HHWP)! If you’re just joining us and want to know what the project is all about, or if you just need to catch up on a few days, you can do so HERE.

The end of the month is coming up, so I thought this might be a good time to update you guys on how the first month of my project is going! 

I plan on doing a goal report at the end of the month to share whether or not I was able to complete my October goals, and then to set new goals for November..

But today what I want to look at is whether or not my personal 10 commandments experiment worked.

I wrote my own set of 10 commandments with the hope that they would serve as reminders of how I wanted to live my life, and guide my behaviors as I pursue my goals throughout this project.

Today, I will look at whether or not these Commandments of mine were useful in helping me decide which actions to take based on the goals I wanted to achieve.

My October Goals

So first, I suppose we should start with a little review of what my October Goals actually are.  

If you’d like to see a full account of these goals check out day 8 of my project.

See the table below for a summary of my October HHWP goals:

My Happy.Healthy.Whole Project goals for October.

My 10 Commandments

And my personal 10 commandments I wrote at the beginning of my project to guide my behaviors were:

  1. Be Clarissa.
  2. Don’t wait for it, work for it.
  3. Progress not perfection.
  4. Choose happiness.
  5. Start before you feel ready.
  6. Feel the fear and do it anyway.
  7. Don’t worry about things you can’t control.
  8. Be kind always (yourself included).
  9. One thing at a time.
  10. Keep moving forward.

So let’s go through them one by one and see whether or not these commandments were successful at helping me stick to the behaviors that serve my goals.

1 – Be Clarissa

I do feel that I have been living up to my first commandment to be myself. Afterall, a lot of my October goals are dedicated to self discovery.

For example:

In addition to continuing to get to know myself better, I feel like I’m also letting others see who I am more often. 

I’m typically a pretty private person, and have never much liked talking about myself to anyone, let alone strangers. But, during my Happy.Healthy.Whole Project I’ve made myself vulnerable, and let all of you get a better idea of who I am, in hopes that my journey will help to inspire one of your own!

2 – Don’t Wait For It, Work For It

I have definitely been using this commandment in my HHWP quite a bit!

The whole idea of “don’t wait for it, work for it”, is that all things worth having must be earned. I believe that if we want something we can’t just hope and wish for it, we have to get out there and actively seek it out.

During the first month of my project, I have “worked for it” in two ways.

First, I have prioritized my happiness with this project and have set goals to work towards it every day.

Second, instead of just waiting to see if my shoulder will heal well enough to go back to my previous work, and instead of just waiting to see if the tourism industry in Hawaii will recover from the coronavirus, I have been actively trying to cultivate alternate streams of income so that I am prepared for whatever comes.

3 – Progress Not Perfection

One of the main reasons that I decided to challenge myself to publish a blog post every single day for 25 days straight, was that I realized my blogging process was extremely inefficient.

It always seemed to take me much longer than it should to do everything. Even though I wasn’t working and don’t have any kids, I was struggling to consistently publish two posts a week.

I realized that it was my perfectionism that was really holding me back. So I decided what better way to improve my blogging, than trial by fire?!

So I decided to just take the plunge and do it. In order to produce and publish a full length post in 24 hours or less, I would have to let go of my perfectionism and live by the saying, “done is better than perfect.”

4 – Choose Happiness

I am obviously choosing to prioritize my overall happiness by doing this project. But more than that, I think the decisions that I am beginning to lean towards with my career path indicate that I am choosing happiness there as well.

5 – Start Before You Feel Ready

I have this tendency to feel that I never have enough experience or knowledge to do what I want to do. It’s imposter syndrome I suppose. 

So what ends up happening is that I delay starting in order to learn and plan more, and then often I never start at all. But the ironic part is that I know I learn best by doing – so I made this commandment to start before I feel ready.

I am pretty proud of the two ways that I followed this commandment in October.

First, is that I had been wanting to participate in blogtober – publishing a post every single day in the month of October. But I talked myself out of it saying that I was too new of a blogger and that I would do it next year.

Then came the 5th of October and I regretted passing up blogtober. So I decided to do my own version from October 5th, until my birthday on October 30th. I didn’t feel ready, but I pulled the trigger anyway (albeit a little late).

Secondly, I had really been wanting to produce a 30-day challenge as a lead magnet for building my email list. But I had just switched email marketing services, had to learn the new one, and I didn’t have the email automations built out yet.

But I committed to launching the challenge on October 1st anyway. I only had a week of content built out when I started the initial wave of people in the challenge. And every morning I sat down and wrote 2-3 days more content to stay ahead of them.

I didn’t feel ready, but I did pull it off! I was able to iron out the kinks with that first small test group, and am now enrolling a second wave in the challenge.

Click on the image below to learn more about my free 30-Day Self Discovery Challenge!

Join the 30 day self discovery challenge!
Click to learn more about this free challenge!

6 – Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

I think this one has a lot of overlap with the previous ones I’ve mentioned.

But in this first part of my project, I was afraid to:

  • Start my 30-Day Self Discovery Challenge.
  • Commit to blogging every day.
  • Be vulnerable in my writing.

But I didn’t let those fears prevent me from doing any of those things. I felt it, and I did them anyway!

7 – Don’t Worry About Things You Can’t Control

2020 has been a stressful year for everyone. Worry could consume us if we let it.

The things I can not control that I have been working hard not to worry about are:

  • The presidential election.
  • When the island will open back up to guests.
  • If the tourism industry will recover here.
  • Whether or not I will have a job to go back to after my injury is healed.
  • When the Coronavirus will go away.

Instead I have tried hard to focus on what I can control.

  • Social distancing and hand washing.
  • Rehabbing my shoulder.
  • Building new job skills.
  • Developing alternative income streams.
  • Saving my money.

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8 – Be Kind Always (Yourself Included)

Yes, I think I’ve done a pretty good job of being kind this last month. 

I haven’t had a lot of contact with people outside of my home, but I have been kind to myself when I am feeling down and overwhelmed which is an improvement from my past self.

9 – One Thing At A Time

I have a tendency to put a few too many things on my plate, and then end up getting overwhelmed and feeling like I’m cutting corners to get it all done. Which makes me very stressed since I have that pesky perfectionism.

There is so much I want to do on the blog right now, but I am trying hard not to spread myself too thin. 

In October I’ve focused on producing lots of blog content, as well as learning Pinterest.

Now I’m getting the hang of things, and am ready to tackle new things in November!

10 – Keep Moving Forward

When I am not working on some sort of goal or project, I can get very restless, depressed, and frustrated.

Because I’m not working, I could easily just lay around, waiting to get better, waiting for the economy to restart etc. But for my own sanity and happiness I haven’t done that. I’ve kept moving forward.


I think it’s pretty safe to say that my experiment with my commandments worked!

When I wrote them, I thought hard about what personal rules I would like to guide my actions, and from these my personal commandments were born.

Now as I go throughout my day, I try to keep them in mind, and ask myself if the decisions I am making are in line with my commandments and overall goals. If they are, I do it. If not, I pass.

So it looks like, for me anyway, having a set of personal commandments has really helped me keep myself on track.

Do you think having your own personal set of commandments would help you to achieve your goals and the life that you want?

I’d love to hear your thoughts – let me know in the comments!

Until tomorrow,

~ Clarissa

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Author: clarissa.cabbage

Clarissa is a teacher, a coach, and an avid adventurer! Armed with a master's degree in Exercise and Wellness, she is on a mission to teach people how to build healthier habits that support the adventurous lifestyle of their dreams. There is nothing Clarissa is more passionate about than helping people get active and live their lives to the fullest!

2 Replies to “Progress Report: Did I Obey My 10 Commandments In October?

  1. Amazing! You’re so organized, Clarissa. This is great. I love how you talk about starting before you’re ready, because yeah…you’ll probably never feel totally ready. Taking actions leads to clarity and confidence. Thanks for another inspiring post!

    1. Thank you Ebony! I definitely agree that “Taking actions leads to clarity and confidence.” That is exactly my experience. It’s funny how hard it can be to step out of our comfort zone, but how rarely we regret it, isn’t it?

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